Yes. We are in the business of happiness

Payroll: Our payroll solutions are custom-fit for your needs. Let us take the stress out of over-time, PTO accrual, deductions and more!
HR/Onboarding: Hiring good employees is one thing; keeping them is where Fortiphi-HR steps in! A thorough, strategic, and consistent onboarding program is essential to employee satisfaction and the continued success of your business.
Employee Benefits: Fortiphi believes in One-on-One consultations to make sure you find the employee benefits solutions that are the Right Fit for your business. Our Industry Expertise and Dependable Access ensure that you get the best value for the best packages, with the best customer service.
Compliance: Staying abreast of the most recent regulations can be a headache for your HR department. For us at Fortiphi, it’s just what we do! Let us make sure your company is always compliant with COBRA, ERISA, ACA and more, while you get back to business.

Our team at Fortiphi knows that happy employees make for a brighter bottom line, and we want to help your business find that perfect balance. That’s why we work with our clients face-to-face, getting to know them, and sharing our expertise in risk management, compliance, and human resource streamlining. Because of our experience and unique positioning, we are able to bring them the savings and extensive choices found in a national-level brokerage, with the personal customer service of a local team. Your team’s happiness is important to you, and your happiness is important to us.

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