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Employers with Up to 50 Employees

Do you wish there was a place where you could find answers to all your small business questions? This is it! The US Small Business Administration website has all the answers to your questions about healthcare benefits, regulations, employer mandates, and more. This particular article focuses on businesses with fewer than 50 employees, but if that doesn’t fit for you, just click around and you’ll find many more resources for small businesses of all sizes.


How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package

This comprehensive guide to constructing a competitive employee benefits package will enable your business to attract and retain employees. While published before the ACA was enacted, this article still provides many health insurance options and definitions, as well as detailing specialty benefits packages such as dental and vision coverage, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s), and 401(k) options. It also provides many links to dig deeper into topics should you desire more detailed information.


The Basics of Employee Benefits

Need a primer to help you get started with your small business employee benefits planning? Try beginning with this article, which, though a bit dated, offers a good overview of benefits basics, legal matters, expensive errors to avoid, insurance options, and how to contain costs.


The Best Benefits Package for Small Businesses

Although written in 2010 before the ACA was implemented, this article offers a series of common sense recommendations for choosing the best benefits package for small business owners — a great place to begin. Explore topics ranging from health insurance plans, retirement strategies, and specialty benefits such as disability, life insurance, and dental and vision coverage, as well as tips for selecting a broker.


Required Employee Benefits

Confused about new regulations and mandated benefits requirements? Go straight to the source to find out exactly what is required of small business owners on the federal level. This helpful resource at the US Small Business Association provides a great starting point for your research. This particular page offers an overview of such small business focus areas as Social Security Taxes, Workers Compensation, and FMLA.


5 Employee Benefit Trends to Watch in 2016

More for employees than employers, this article is useful in that it covers benefit trends that could be of interest to small business owners as well. Topics range from wellness programs, to health-savings accounts (HSAs), to managed or automated benefits services.


Commercial / Business Insurance

Insuring Your Business: 5 Questions and Answers About Business Insurance

A very informative FAQ about what kinds and amounts of insurance are needed to start your small business with a minimum of risk. A great place to start if you are a new business owner, and a good resource for reference later.


13 Types of Insurance a Small Business Owner Should Have

Check out this very useful article listing of the types of insurance every small business should consider. Each type of policy is briefly described in a rather timeless resource which a company may use as a simple checklist.


General Business Liability Insurance – How it Works and What Coverage is Right for You

Look no further for an excellent overview of general business liability insurance — what it is, and how it works. This article also offers answers to questions about whether your business needs liability insurance, how to determine your coverage needs, how to file a claim, and it briefly addresses what other insurance your company may need.