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Expertly Managed Employee Benefits & Insurance

Right-fit Services

We don't believe in one size fits all. We'll work with you, from enrollment to renewal, to ensure you have the best benefits solution.

Industry Expertise

As the third largest Private Health Insurance Brokerage in Washington state, we can improve your benefit plans, from cost to compliance.

1-on-1 Consultation

We find creative solutions by taking time to truly understand the unique business needs of your organizations.

Dependable Access

Our employee benefits specialists can answer complex questions while promoting the full value of your plan to your team.


Worry-free Benefits Compliance


Customized Payroll Solutions

One Size Fits All?

Not in our world! We provide custom payroll solutions, giving you as much ownership as you need.

Accurate & Compliant

Direct deposit? Overtime? PTO accrual? Don’t dread it! Let our team process your payroll accurately and promptly.

Saving You Time

Our knowledgeable experts remain accessible, ready to answer questions and help you get back to work sooner.

Better Business Awaits. Let Us Fortiphi Your Human Resources.

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We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.